Mario Capitanio

Mario Capitanio, well known Swiss guitarist and long.lasting companion of Swiss legend Polo Hofer is releasing his second solo album “Capitanio”. For the album’s artwork and for promotion material we’ve organized a photo shoot in the city of Berne. It wasn’t only work, it was great fun.

Enjoy some impressions:

A Music Video for a Change

Taking pictures doesn’t necessarily include taking movieclips as well. However, I love to make a film once in a while. Prepration and processing are a completely different story though, but the best thing about it, is working with the people. Especially with such a highly motivated fun-team I’ve had last Monday.   The song I’ve…

Beatriz & Federico

A shooting doesn’t necessarily need to be expensive. I’ve spent a short two hours only with cellist Beatriz Blanco and pianist Federico Bosco on three different locations in Basel where we took some funny visuals for their upcoming album. We had great fun during the short session and I’m very much looking forward to the…

Italianità in Zürich

Every now and then there’s an event which I not only document but get photographed myself. One such event was last Wednesday’s CD release party of Angelo Pellicorio’s debut album “Alba Chiara”. I took some impressions of the magic showcase, which was presented by host Janine Geigele, and also officially presented the CD to the…

Le Pianiste

We’ve originally planned a regular portrait shoot for Belgian pianist Sébastien Dupuis’s website. However, when I’ve spotted the little kid’s piano in the corner of the house where Sébastien’s grand piano is stored, we’ve immediately changed the concept.
I’m sure you agree it was well worth it! 🙂

Here’s Sébastien’s official website: